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Experience, professionalism and integrity have earned Li & Fung its reputation as the world's leading consumer goods sourcing company. Through a growing network of over 15,000 suppliers in more than 40 economies, the Company strives to find quality-conscious, cost-effective manufacturers to match the production needs of more than 7,700 customers around the world.

This global framework enables Li & Fung to create tailored sourcing options to meet customers' specific requirements. Dedicated global teams of product specialists focus on each customer segment and leverage their close ties with suppliers to offer insider knowledge that helps customers make informed buying decisions.

Positions Location Post time
薪酬福利副经理 - HR Assistant Manager (C&B) Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-19
Officer-全球订单运营管理专员 Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-19
高级跟单员-花园&宠物(宁波) Ningbo 2019-07-19
QC-家具 Hangzhou 2019-07-19
跟单-日本服装市场(无需日语) Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-19
HR实习生-可留用 Shanghai 2019-07-19
家具跟单(西班牙语方向) Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-19
业务跟单员-工具品类 Shanghai 2019-07-19
Merchandiser-礼品\杂货 Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-18
业务跟单(杂货) Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-18
Merchandiser-DIY Tools Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-18
Assistant Merchandise Manager-DIY Tools Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-18
Senior Merchandiser - Hardware/DIY/Tools Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-18
Merchandiser-Home Decoration Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-18
Senior Merchandiser-Home decoration Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-18
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